Mark Geoghegan

Mark Geoghegan BamboozlersPresident and Director

Mr. Mark Geoghegan has operated as a financial professional for 30 years. A former Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse, Mr. Geoghegan, through his operating businesses, has developed a career of guiding and developing companies from start up stages to thriving enterprises. He was the CFO of Uniglobe Travel International, Inc. that developed 1,100 franchised outlets internationally within a few years, and was a very active part of a turnaround team in high-tech company MacDonald Dettwiler, which listed on the TSX during his tenure and grew to a market capitalization of $1.6 Billion.

He was the CFO of a start-up organization TIR Systems and brought the company public to raise $2.1 million; the company recently sold to Phillips for $70 million. He has substantial experience in structuring and listing companies on stock exchanges throughout the world and substantive post-listing management experience, including financial management and reporting, business development, and investor relations activities.